The Family Medallion® Adoption Ceremony

In addition to our individual names, we give to our children, by our love and support, a broader name: Beautiful. It is the name conveyed in a folk song when a little child sings:

Beautiful am I. Beautiful, Beautiful is my name.

Below is a brief ceremony outline. The complete ceremony comes free with each jewelry order.


The Family Medallion® Adoption Ceremony


It was said of old, "There is a light that lights the way of everyone who comes into the world." It is the light of hope. We light this candle...

A Prayer To The Family

Creator God, like a mother who comforts her children, you bring us together that we might strengthen and provide for your children everywhere...

The Family Medallion® Presentation

In the Bible, it is written that " a cord of three strands is not easily broken. " In recognition of this new family, we present to ____ this Family Medallion®, symbolic of the three strands that bind together...

Responsive Pledge

(To be repeated by all those present.)
We receive ____ with humility and hope, As we accept the opportunity that is ours To love and nurture (her/him) And by our example, to teach...