The Family Medallion® Baptism or Blessing Ceremony

It was said of old, "There is a light that lights the way of everyone who comes into the world." It is the light of hope, God's gift of new life that, like a burned out flame that catches fire anew every time a child is born.This blessing ceremony also includes baptismal resources for use in those religious traditions that baptize children. 

Below is a brief ceremony outline. The complete ceremony comes free with each jewelry order.

The Family Medallion® Baptism or Blessing Ceremony


Every child born into this world is precious. Those of us gathered here today...


The miracle of children can be expressed in a thousand ways. In the New Testament we find in these words: "At that time the disciples came to Jesus saying, 'Who is the greatest in the family of God?...'"

Recognition of Family

In a world where powerful forces divide and tear the human family apart, it is significant that the powerlessness of a child is that which brings us together...

The Act Of Baptism

Water is a symbol for all that is holy in life. It represents nourishment, growth...

The Family Medallion® Presentation

____, we pledge to you our continuing support even as we surround you now with our arms of love and protection...


Ever present God, as you surround us with your love, strengthen us that we might reflect your love...