~ Adoption.com ~
Committed to helping as many children as possible find loving, permanent homes. They also assist adoptee and birth parents to find birth families, and help hopeful adoptive parents make adoption dreams come true.

~ When a Child of Divorce Visits Parents: Think of the Child ~
Another great list of resources for advice parents going through a divorce

(This information was provided by www.kaleslaw.com)

~ Marriageagain ~
Articles about re-marrying and remarrying with children by Dr. Roger Coleman

~ Smart Marriages / Happy Families ~
National clearinghouse for classes, tapes, and workbooks to make your marriage smart and invincible.  Also, includes information on how to teach marriage and family education courses in your congregation.

~ Stepfamily Information ~
Stepfamily Information is a nonprofit, research-based, educational site for divorced-family and step-family co-parents. "Our aim is to provide clear, useful information so co-parents can build healthy relationships among their adults and kids--and avoid re-divorce."

~ BonusFamilies.com ~
Bonus...It's a step in the right direction...the website dedicated to the support and reassurance of every member of your stepfamily.

~ Familycorner.com Magazine ~
In this free webzine you will find an abundance of family time activities, crafts, and recipes for kids, educational and parenting articles, ideas for your home and much more.

~ Second Wives Club ~
The Second Wives Club is a resource for women who are involved in a subsequent marriage or relationship. This site provides an opportunity to network with others who share common ground with opportunities to give and receive support, information, and friendship.

~ Stepparenting.com ~
A comprehensive resource for stepparents featuring articles, links, chats, discussion boards and more, all managed by a real, live guide to provide assistance.

~ Successful Stepfamilies ~
Find a stepfamily conference near you or order a home study audio or video seminar from the author, family therapist, and conference speaker Ron Deal. As one of the nation's leading Christian stepfamily educators, Ron's web page provides resources, articles, and information on live seminars across the country.

~ Divorce and Children ~
A help list of resources especially for children.
(This information was provided by Sabrina Lemons, a teacher at the Bear Mountain School.)

~ Hand in Hand ~
Our mission is to support parents and provide them with the insights and skills they need to listen to and connect with their children in a way that allows each child to thrive.

~ SelfGrowth.com ~
A complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet with articles and references to thousands of other websites.

~ Stepfamily Association of America ~
The Stepfamily Association of America is a national nonprofit membership organization dedicated to successful stepfamily living. SAA's website is designed to provide educational information and resources for anyone interested in stepfamilies and stepfamily issues.

Other Countries

~ Stepfamily Australia ~
Stepfamily Australia and the Stepfamily Association of South Australia, Inc. are non-profit organizations providing information on Stepfamily dynamics to stepfamilies and organizations working in the area of family support. This site contains a variety of helpful resources and online support opportunities for stepparents.

~ Stepfamily Japan ~
Stepfamily Association of Japan provides resources and support for Japanese stepfamilies.

~ Family Medallion Japan ~
Stepfamily Association of Japan featuring the Family Medallion® in Japan.