The Family Medallion®

Celebrating Family Ties
Since 1987

The Family Medallion® represents the strength of family bonds.
It is the perfect gift to symbolize love that is patient, kind, and enduring.

The Family Medallion® is the recognized symbol of family unity, a tangible sign honoring the relationships that connect families and friends.

The Family Medallion® is most often used to commemorate those times when a new family is being created.

These include the merging of families when parents remarry, the expansion of families through adoption or the birth of a child; and the altering of families such as having children leave home for college or military service.

Regardless of the occasion, Family Medallion® resources provide a lasting symbol of love and devotion.

It is the gift of significance – a constant reminder that one is, and always will be, loved and respected.


With children present, a wedding is more than …


Beautiful, beautiful is my name.


There is a light that lights the way for everyone …

Family Celebrations

Blessed be the ties that bind.

Family Photo of the Month

Congratulations to the Flood Family
Married at the Les Bourgeois Winery and Vineyards Rocheport, Missouri

Send us a photograph or video of your family celebration using Family Medallion® resources and, if used on our website, we will send you a $50 Target Gift Certificate.
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