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About the Family Medallion®

A Powerful Family Symbol

There is a saying in the Book of Ecclesiastes that reads,

Two are stronger than one and a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

The Family Medallion®, with its three merged circles, is such a cord.
It represents the strength of the family bond and the enduring love that family members share with one another.


The Family Medallion® may be presented as a significant gift without any fanfare.

However, from our experience, what makes the Family Medallion® so special is the circumstance under which it is presented.

The simple ceremony that comes with the Family Medallion® provides the resources needed to create a unique family bonding experience, be it a wedding or the birth/blessing or the adoption of a child. These resources can be easily adapted for use in any religious or civil ceremony tradition.

“In The Placing Of This Family Medallion, We Pledge To You Our Continuing Love And Devotion.”



“I loved the symbolism of the Family Medallion. And the wording of the family ceremony that accompanied it epitomized what was in my heart. I write for a living and I couldn’t have expressed any better the sentiments about the importance of children in blended families.”


"It was an emotionally powerful event,” the 36-year-old father says. “We gave the kids something tangible to show them they were going to be an integral par"t of our lives. They were beaming. I could tell how happy they were.”