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About the Family Medallion®


With children present, a wedding is more than the coming together of two people - it is the creation of a new family.

The presentation of the Family Medallion® typically follows the pronouncement of the couple as husband and wife, their children join them for a special service focusing on the family nature of a marriage.

Each child is given a Family Medallion® (in the form of a pendant, charm bracelet, key ring or lapel pin), a symbol that represents family love in much the same way the wedding ring signifies conjugal love.

Below is a brief ceremony outline. The complete ceremony comes free with each Jewelry order.

“I felt so special when they gave me the family medallion. Kimberly could have had an ordinary wedding like everyone else. But she went beyond the ordinary to make it the wedding day we would all remember. I realized how much she cared about Travis and me and that she really meant it when said that she would always be there for us.".

- Christy, 12 yrs old

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The Family Medallion® Wedding Ceremony


Two merged circles often symbolize love. The Family Medallion® has three circles to represent love that reaches out to include others...


In presenting (this/these) Family Medallion(s)®, we pledge to you our continuing love...


We give thanks, O Lord, for the relationship here celebrated. We are humbled by the recognition that today we face a new future, one where love is unfolding before our very eyes...